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12am-5am      The Alex Jones Show
5am-9am        The Laura Ingraham Show - LIVE
9am-11am       Chris Plante
11am-2pm       The Eddie Burk Show - LIVE
2pm-6pm        The Dennis Prager Show
6pm-9pm        The Joe Walsh Show Live
9pm-12pm      The Larry Elder Show
12am-2am  The Tom Sullivan Show
2am-5am   The Phil Valentine Show
5am-8am   The Laura Ingraham Show
8am-9am   Mayo Clinic Radio
9am-10am  Mayo Clinic Radio
10am-12pm Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford
12pm-2pm  Rudy Maxa's World with The Careys
2pm-4pm   Our American Stories with Lee Habeeb
4pm-5pm   The Beer Show
5pm-7pm    The Cigar Dave Show
7pm-9pm    Our American Stories with Lee Habeeb
9pm-12am  The Dennis Prager Show
12am-1am  The Dennis Prager Show
1am-2am    Mayo Clinic Radio
2am-5am   The Phil Valentine Show
5am-9am   Under the Hood
9am-10am Horsepower for an Hour
10am-2pm  The Schnitt Show with Todd Schnitt
2pm-3pm   The Dr. Ellenburg Show (replay)
3pm-4pm   Ric Edelman/Financial
4pm-7pm   The Dennis Prager Show
7pm-9pm    Horse Power for an Hour
9pm-12pm  The Twilight Zone